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Paul Cloesen

° 1959



Ø Rural water supply

Bolivian Baptist Well Drilling

EMAS rural water supply systems


Ø Economic Diversification for rural communities in Nicaragua

Castor oil (Ricinus communis)

Perfume from White Ginger Lilly (Hedychium coronarium)


Ø Oil Palm

Elaeis guineensis; E. oleifera and their interspecific hybrids

Biogas and fertilizer from milling effluent


Ø Microcredit

Sustainable savings & loans schemes for rural micro-enterprises


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Photographs (family)








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In Goyena, Sutiaba, León, Nicaragua, the local community’s water supply is affected by pumping for irrigation of sugarcane fields at the other side of the road.  Drilling deeper wells looked the only feasible short-term solution.

In the second half of 2004, a pilot project was implemented in Nueva Vida, Goyena, applying Bolivian Baptist well drilling technology and EMAS rural water supply systems.  As from March 2005, local people started drilling on their own, but had difficulty acquiring materials for tubing, pumps etc.  In July, financial support was obtained from AUCS, an NGO from Tuscany, Italy, which gave the project a firm push in the back, and by November 2005, there were 22 new wells drilled and several EMAS water distribution systems installed.

In May 2005, a pilot rainwater harvesting project was started up in El Paraíso, Malpaisillo.

In January 2006, drilling was started in Abangasca, also Sutiaba teritory, León.  This project aims to build 100 complete familiar water and sanitation systems, including dry latrines, that do not contaminate the water table.

Projects were executed with the local “Comité Si a la Vida, No a la Destrucción del Medio Ambiente”.and are described on the Comité”s website (Spanish).  For more information on the applied technology, see links below.

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Bolivian Baptist water technology and appropriate simple agricultural implements.   

EMAS Water and Sanitation systems


Baptist water technology documents and manuals

EMAS water technology documents and manuals






























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Castor beans and  castor oil – Ricinus communis

o        La Prensa, Nicaragua, 17-12-2002  (Spanish – Word document)

o        General Introduction  (Spanish – Word document)

o  Vulgarization document for primary schools  (Spanish – Word document)


Perfume extraction from Hedychium coronarium flowers (“White Ginger Lilly”, “Heliotropo”)

o  Article  (Spanish – Word document)






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Article in “De Surinaamse Landbouw”, 1995:

 The Interspecific Hybrid Elaeis oleifera x E. guineensis : A Solution for the Surinamese Oil Palm Industry.










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Literature on anaerobic digestion and recycling of plant nutrients from Palm Oil milling effluent































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Papers prepared for the Resource Book on Best Practices in Rural Development (IIRR, 2000):

Alternative Risk Assessment in Microcredit (PDF)

Bridging the Gap between Rural micro-enterprise and the Formal Banking System (PDF)





Interesting links:      Portal Site on Microcredit                  Grameen Bank, very successful microcredit system in Bangladesh.             FAO’s Microbanker programme for microcredit systems